The Firewall to your network keeps the bad guys out. It's quite literally, the "firewall" to the outside world. You need current technology that keeps you safe from harm while allowing you to conduct your business without slowing you down. 

Whether it's keeping specific employees off of the latest Social Media site or blocking pornographic web sites, Tech Officers can help you with the right solution, tailored for your unique business. 

dynamic protection

Dynamic Protection

Think of this as your bouncer at your Internet "door" that watches for strange behavior. When conditions change, and something looks odd, the bouncer blocks the traffic and sends out an alert. You don't know what will come tomorrow, but keeping an eye on "odd behavior" gives you a leg-up on protecting your infrastructure.  

remote access

Remote Access Solutions

Do you or your employees need to access the office network while away or at home? Whether it's a virtual private network connection or a remote desktop session, Tech Officers can help you determine the best way to provide remote access to your employees. 

unified threat management

Unified Threat Management

Often called "The Next Generation" of Firewalls, a UTM device combines a traditional firewall with services such as anti-spam, antivirus, and intrusion prevention. Tech Officers works with you to provide the best UTM solution to meet your business needs. 

traffic shaping

Traffic Shaping and Monitoring

Maybe you want to limit the access to Social Media, but not eliminate access altogether. Or maybe your Internet line just can't support everyone's streaming music. Traffic shaping allows you to slow-down or limit specific Internet traffic while giving free access to other services while being able to monitor how your employees utilize your bandwidth.