Think security compliance is an issue for bigger companies? Are you accepting credit cards? Think again. 

Did you know that your small business is a target, specifically because smaller businesses support larger enterprises? Once a foothold is maintained in a small business, it's an open door to the larger business you do business with. 

Because of this, small businesses must comply with specific security guidelines, depending on the activities you conduct within your business or partners you work with in your business. 

Tech Officers helps you become compliant, maintain this compliance, and plan for future initiatives that may impact your specific business. 


Covering your "Flavor"

What's your "flavor" of regulatory compliance? HIPAA? PCI? FISMA? SOX? Tech Officers has you covered. Don't see what you need? Ask! We can probably address what you're looking for. 


Real-time Assessments

You need information in real-time, so why should you wait every quarter or every year to perform a security assessment? Tech Officers' solution provides you with real-time assessments. Reports can be generated at any time, giving you the ability to see where your security holes are, NOW. 

gap analysis and mediation planning

Gap Analysis and Mediation Planning 

You know where your risks are, but what do you do with that? Tech Officers solution will not only identify your risks, but provide you with valuable information on how to comply with security regulations that impact your business, satisfying the needs of the most stringent auditors. 

future looking cycle

Future Looking

The landscape of Security Regulations is in constant flux. As the requirements change, Tech Officers solution is updated to help you maintain compliance. And when the next big XYZ act comes out, our solution will evolve to help you comply with it.