Tech Officers backup solutions keep you protected in the case of device failure or in the case of accidental deletion of key files. On-site backup options are provided, where your data is stored on-premise. Most clients prefer to use our off-site backup service, providing disaster recovery options if your main office is compromised. 

Enterprise-class backup solutions are provided in all Tech Officers service plans. Explore some of the highlights of this service below. 


Automated Backups

In the world of backups, it's known that if a user has to participate in the backup process, it won't happen. Tech Officers solution is constantly backing up your files on a block-by-block basis. As files are modified on your computer, the backups are updated to reflect the most current versions of your files. The user just needs to be connected to the Internet. Could it be any easier?


Simple Document Recovery

In the event that you do need to recover a lost file, or maybe you need to go back to a version from two weeks ago, the user simply logs into a web portal to retrieve the file, or a previous version. No jumping through hoops of finding an old tape or connecting an off-site drive, just a simple web site download. 


Off-site Storage

Your backups are held, encrypted, secure, and off-site in Tech Officers' private cloud infrastructure. Your data is stored within at least three sites, providing you with redundant backup copies, across the US in multiple time zones. Your data is always encrypted, and only available to you with your own key. 


Full Disaster Recovery Options

What happens if there's a fire in your office? What if there's an earthquake? Maybe a flood? What's a Disaster Recovery Plan? Many small businesses don't have one. Do you? Tech Officers works with you to come up with the best options for your specific business, giving you the peace of mind that your business will reopen, even if your office building never does.