Most small business owners think they're not a target for cyber crime. Gone are the days when you just had to worry about losing the data on your hard drive.

Today's cyber-criminals are sophisticated.


Cyber-criminals of today target small businesses, knowing you support larger enterprises. If they can get a foothold in your infrastructure, it's an open door to the larger clients you support and work with. Why go after the big guy with unlimited resources to protect their infrastructure, when criminals can target your small business with limited security resources?

Explore how Tech Officers can help your business stay ahead of the cyber-criminal curve. 

centrally managed

Centrally Managed Threat Monitoring

Your AntiMalware solution is centrally managed and monitored, so you don't have to rely on a user to "do something" to protect your infrastructure. In most cases, Tech Officers can remove malware remotely without the user knowing anything has happened, allowing your users to stay productive with minimal downtime. 


Yes, you're Vulnerable!

Some users think they're not vulnerable, because they use a specific OS. You know who you are. Guess what? Not only are you vulnerable, but there are publicly documented cases of threats that directly impact your machines. The days of living in bliss are over. 

no malware

Leading-Edge Technology

Our endpoint protection solution is at the forefront of the security curve. And your AntiMalware protection is updated regularly, keeping you at the front of the curve. Our back-end security labs are working 24x7 around the globe to keep-up with the most recent threats and vulnerabilities so that you are protected. 

install maintenance repairs

Installation, Updates, Repair

All of our service plans come with our AntiMalware protection, included. Tech Officers will install, update, and repair any covered machine that happens to become infected with malware. Worried about a costly rebuild, if the worst happens? It's covered with our protection.