In today's mobile technology world, you need reliable, secure, and FAST Wireless for your employees and customers. Tech Officers Wireless Infrastructure services are included in our service plans. Explore a few of the benefits of an Enterprise-Class WiFi network for your business and experience how WiFi SHOULD be in the workplace. 


Secure, Reliable WiFi

Keep your network safe from threats with a WiFi network that actively defends against hacking and threats. Rest easy at night, knowing that your Wireless network isn't allowing your competition into your office while you're sleeping. Provide a WiFi network that your employees only wish they could have at home.


Guest Networks

Guest Networks provide your clients and customers with Internet access without providing access to your internal computers, devices, or files. Best of all, create these networks from within the same devices that provide your employees WiFi access. No need to purchase additional access points. 


Fully Configurable Access

Configure your WiFi so some users have access to specific printers, file shares, or devices. Other users have full access to all devices within your network. Yet other users can have access to only printers. It's all fully configurable, and Tech Officers helps you design the configuration to best fit your business needs. 

wifi heat mappping

"Heat" Mapping

Why is it that you always lose WiFi at that one spot in the office? Heat Mapping allows you to have a visual representation of how your WiFi signal permeates your office space. Finally see why your WiFi signal works best in some locations and not in others. Know the best location to place your Access Points for full coverage in your office space or determine when it's time to purchase additional Access Points for better coverage.