Are you paying a fortune for your phone service? Do you wish there was a better way for you to provide phone service for your clients and customers to reach you?

With Tech Officers' IP Telephony services, you get quality service without paying the Big Bell service prices. Keep your same phone numbers and integrate your phone system with cutting-edge, modern services. 

Get voicemails in your email box. Setup "follow-me" services so you never miss a call. Want a group of phones to ring when someone calls your main line? No problem. And you don't need to buy an expensive phone system to get started. 

save cost

Save Costs

Do you have an office full of phones that are used maybe a quarter of the time? What if you could only pay for the lines that you need while still providing a phone line to each employee? Tech Officers can help you with the. Plus, save costs with included long-distance and interoffice calling. Even share lines across multiple office locations, further saving you money. 

software integration

Software Integration

What if your computer could pop-up your client's information when they call you? Integrate your phone system with your CMS so that you have your client's information at-hand when you answer the phone. Or maybe you have another, innovative idea to integrate your phone system with the software you're using to run your business. Tech Officers can help make your dream a reality. 

take phone home

Take your Phone Home

Are you leaving for a "working vacation" for a week or two? Or maybe you have a second home you want to conduct business from. Take your office phone with you, and it works just like it's in the office. Keep your office number active without referring clients to your mobile device or re-routing calls to your mobile phone. 

voice services anywhere

Access Voice Services, Anywhere

Access voicemail messages via web portals or through email that is sent to you when new messages arrive. Forward your number or change your availability from anywhere you have Internet access. You'll wonder why you weren't doing this sooner.