Mobile devices are everywhere in the workplace, today.

Gone are the simple PDA's and Blackberrys of yesteryear.

You want to provide standard functions to your employees through their mobile devices while being able to track and maintain company intellectual property. Sleep easy at night, knowing that if your key employee misplaces her phone during a night on the town, you can remotely wipe and attempt to recover the lost device. 

pre-load devices

Pre-load Devices

Pre-load your mobile devices with company specific email, WiFi, VPN access, application, and document data. When your employee receives their new mobile device, they're ready to start working, right out of the gate. 

control device access

Control Device Access

Control what happens on your corporate owned, personally enabled devices. Restrict specific applications from being installed or only allow specific functions on the device. Need to change a policy to comply with a new security regulation? No problem, and no need for employees to return their devices for IT to make changes. 


Track Usage

Lose that mobile device? Fear not. With MDM, you can track the device location to locate and recover your equipment and keep your intellectual property private. 

remote wipe

Remotely Wipe Company Data

Remotely manage and remove company data from your covered mobile devices. Have a contractor that has access to your company files over their mobile device? No need to worry if you cut the cord. Remove access AND the files, even if they've already left the building.