Your business needs an "always-on" and available email service. Gone are the days when it was cost effective to maintain an email server onsite. With Tech Officers' hosted email solutions, you reduce costs in the hardware and software overhead to run your email communications as well as the support staff required to administer said solutions. 

Whether it's Hosted Exchange or Google Apps, Tech Officers has options to best fit your business requirements for your email solution. 

available 24 by 7

Always On, Always Available

Our cloud-based solutions are always-on and available, even if your headquarters site isn't. No need to reboot servers in the middle of the night or over a weekend, because you're not getting mail. And if you're not getting mail, just give us a call so we can get it to you ASAP. 

email cost

Cost Options that Make Sense

Why pay for a full-blown server that you manage on-site, just for a handful of accounts? Only pay for users that you need accounts for. Add or drop users from your account as your business expands or contracts.

integrate email

Integrate with All Devices

Access your business mail through your desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, or any other Internet enabled device that accepts mail. Best of all, Tech Officers doesn't charge to add devices to your mail account. Tech Officers configures your device to access your mail account, so you can conduct business over any of your devices. 

spam filtering

Spam Filtering

Are you getting bombarded with messages from overseas for prescription drugs that have nothing to do with you or your needs? Or maybe you're getting messages about some exciting porn? Most business owners don't want to see this in their company inboxes, and Tech Officers helps with innovative Spam solutions to fit your needs.