Have you spent hours working with an overseas support staff, only to get nowhere? When you do understand what they're asking you to do, they're telling you to do what you've already tried...15 times before you called. 

This is where we step in. We know the tricks of working with your vendors to support your business. Whether it's working with your Internet Services Provider for an outage or working with your business application manufacturer on a bug, we've got you covered. 

Tech HeroesTech Heroes for your Business

Tech Officers talks "computer language" with your vendors when you need support, acting as not only the interpreter for your company, but as the champion for your business. 

Relationship BuildingRelationship Building

Tech Officers strengthens existing relationships with your vendors and helps you establish new relationships with vendors that can lower your IT costs and provide you with best-in-class service.

Vendor ConsolidationVendor Consolidation

Consolidate the number of companies you deal with so that you get the best prices through volume discounts. Tech Officers helps you narrow down the field of players in your vendor profile to get you the best for less.

Risk AssessmentRisk Assessment

Are your vendors compliant with regulations impacting your business? Tech Officers can help with risk assessments across your vendors to reduce or eliminate risk exposure.