Every business faces challenges. Every one of those challenges can impact your bottom-line. Every business has to set priorities to succeed. 

At Tech Officers, we have a strong Business background. We know about challenges. We know how challenges can affect the bottom-line, and we can help you succeed. Our business background gives us this unique perspective. We're not just another computer coder.

Our Business IT Consulting services are included in every Tech Officers service plan. We can help you take advantage of new technologies or help you build a business model by utilizing a new technology toolset. Let us use our real-world expertise to help you more efficiently meet your business needs.

Technology Summary

Technology Summary

Tech Officers provides you with a technology summary of your existing infrastructure and landscape in an easy to understand package. Everything from machines and network details to license keys and obscure passwords are retained so that you always have a one-stop resource for all of your technology details. 

Design Desk

Computer Design Resources

Tech Officers provides design resources to build hardware to your specific requirements. Picking up that cheap laptop at the local discount store can mean hardware failure in the near future. Tech Officers has the experience to know the exact commercial equipment that will work for your business environment.


Business Impact of Tech Decisions

Want to make purchases, but don't know exactly what you need? Did you buy a new piece of equipment, only to find out you can't use it like you wanted to? Got suckered into something by that slick salesman? Tech Officers will be your advocate and help you understand how technology impacts your business in a language you can understand.

Tech PM

Technology Project Management

Have a new software application to roll out? Or maybe you have a new piece of hardware you want to implement. Need help determining the scope and requirements? Tech Officers will build and implement the project plan to your unique requirements, providing you peace of mind so you can focus on running your business.