As a small business, you're probably looking to maximize every dollar spent on your technology. There's nothing worse than making the wrong purchase and realizing it after a few months of use.

Our IT Budgeting services can help you plan for technology refreshes, software and hardware implementations, and changes in the future technology landscape. Tech Officers not only assists you with purchasing, but also budgeting so that your IT costs are stable and in-line with your expectations. 

Standardize Cost

Standardize Costs

Tech Officers can help you standardize infrastructure costs, such as telephony, mobile devices, Internet costs, and more. By consolidating your spending through the same vendors, we can help you maximize your discounts through these vendors, across all of your office locations. 

Refresh Hardware

Refresh Hardware

Holding onto old hardware can hurt your bottom line. Whether it's lost productivity or lost data, we can help you understand why it's in your best interest to keep your business hardware current and running efficiently. Tech Officers can help you design a refresh schedule so you won't have unexpected hits in your pocketbook. 

green-leafGreen Tech

IT costs are more than hardware and services. There's also the cost of powering your equipment. Tech Officers helps you migrate to more efficient hardware that sips power, saving you money on your power bill. Tech Officers can also help to power off unused equipment when your employees forget to power down at night. 

Next Big ThingThe Next Big Thing

Plan for what's over the horizon. Technology is always changing, and the newest tool to run your business more efficiently is always just around the corner. Let Tech Officers help you plan for the next big thing, so you're ready to take advantage of the next tool that will revolutionize your business.