Consulting & Support

Every Tech Officers service agreement includes consulting and support services. Our strong business background gives us unique insight of your technology from a business user's perspective. Whether it's helping you create a budget for your IT spending or planning a technology roadmap for the next three years, we can help you reach your business goals with the right technology.

Our US-based support staff is trained to communicate in plain English. Our dedicated team won't transfer you to fifteen different departments before finding a solution. We individually work with you to quickly resolve your issue, so you can get back to your business. You won't have to worry about "geek speak" or us talking over your head with concepts you'd never need to understand. We're here to help you, not confuse you. 

Contact us today to explore the full range of consulting and support solutions we provide. We're committed to helping your business grow and succeed. With no long-term commitments, what do you have to lose?

Consulting & Support Services

Business IT Consulting
IT Budgeting
Proactive Support
Reactive Support
Vendor Management

IT Consulting with a strong business background, to provide you the best possible solution for your unique business needs. 

IT Budgeting and planning services to help you achieve your business goals within your means.

Proactive monitoring of your environment and devices to prevent problems before they occur or resolve issues before you notice them.

Support services to resolve your immediate needs that pop-up when you least expect it.

We speak "geek" to your technology vendors so you can run your business while we stay on hold or speak with the overseas vendor help desks.