Not happy with the options for your Contact Management System? Can't find a Project Management system that fits your specific business model? Do you want a tool that everyone in your company can use on a daily basis? 

Web Based Applications are complex web sites that perform functions such as running your business. At Tech Officers, we can design and build a web-based application that integrates with multiple back-end systems to run your company. 

open source

Open Source Standards

Tech Officers supports the use of Open Source, which is code and technology that is freely available to everyone or non-proprietary. This reduces your costs and helps to ensure that your web-based application will "play nice" with others. 


Universal Device Appeal

As a web-based application, your application can run on any device that has a web browser. This saves from having to develop an application for various devices or platforms, such as one version for a computer, another for a mobile device, and yet another for a tablet. 

web flexibility

Flexibility of the Web

As a web-based application, your application is built on HTML standards that have been around since 1992 and CSS standards that have been around since 1996. Being long-lived, these standards have developed over time to provide a flexible framework that can be utilized on almost any web-enabled device. 



Reduce costly software roll-outs when you want to make upgrades to your applications. As a web-based application, your updates occur when you update your web site, not when you decide to upgrade the software on your devices. Keep all of your users current with a centrally-controlled standard.