Looking for your next career move? Join our team of IT Professionals with a passion to discover innovative solutions for unique business scenarios. 

We're always looking for professionals with a breadth of business and IT experience. Maybe you've worked your entire career in a business function, and you want to explore the world of technology. Maybe you've worked for decades in tech, and you don't feel as appreciated as you used to be. We've got a spot for you AND your unique perspective on business and technology. 

health and wellness

Health and Wellness Benefits

Tech Officers provides standard medical, dental, and vision benefits to regular employees, as well as discounts and perks to many services. We encourage activities such as scheduled "gym time" or "yoga time" for our employees, even during the middle of the business day. We want you to take care of yourself, so you can be your best. 


Dilate Your Mind

At Tech Officers, we firmly believe in the power of continuing education. We want you to reach your career goals, even if that's not sticking around with us. Whether you have a high school diploma or a PhD, we believe in always learning to expand and exercise the mind...and to pick up a few new skills along the way. 

flex schedule

Flexible Schedules

Because we support businesses that don't wish to be bothered during the busy work day, many of our professionals perform most of their work for us after-hours and on their schedule. While we do sometimes require scheduled hours, we work with you to come up with a flexible schedule that fits your life.

too good

Too Good to be True

We get this a lot. It sounds too good to be true. Fortunately for you, it's not. Contrary to most businesses, we believe in taking care of our people before taking care of our clients. As a trusted, valued member of our team, you'll come to see just how unique working for Tech Officers really is.

Inside Sales
IT Technical Support Officer
IT Service Manager
Contract Software Development Engineer

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